Release Notes: American Well Touchpoint and Touchpoint GO Mobile Apps v10.25

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
AW Touchpoint v10.25 for iOS/Android July 19, 2019
AW Touchpoint GO v10.25 Ascom Myco 1, 2 n/a


The following release notes are for version 10.25 of the American Well Touchpoint for iOS and Android supported devices. We are also releasing Touchpoint GO updates for Ascom supported devices.

Apps for iOS and Android will be submitted for review on Friday, July 19, 2019. We will send a followup note when the apps are approved for their respective app stores and are available to download to your mobile device.

Speak with your American Well Implementation Manager for updating your Ascom devices with this latest Touchpoint GO update.



American Well Touchpoint
✓  Replaced tPA with Alteplase
✓  Change wording for Alteplase decision
✓  Expanded Ambra search results for possible matches

American Well Touchpoint GO
✓  C
hange conversation naming convention


American Well Touchpoint mobile app

Replaced tPA with Alteplase

Per FDA recommendations, we have replaced all mention of "tPA" with "Alteplase":

  • "tPA Decision" will now say "Alteplase Decision"
  • "tPA Administered" will now say "Alteplase Administered"
  • "tPA Administration Tracking" will now say "Alteplase Administration Tracking"
  • changes made in all respective summaries and reports



Change wording for Alteplase decision

To match AHA regulations for administering Alteplase, we have changed "Onset of symptoms < 4.5 hours before beginning treatment" to now read "Onset of symptoms within 4.5 hrs before beginning treatment"

This is also reflected in the PDF and CCD generated downloads.


Expanded Ambra search results for possible matches

We have implemented enhanced logic to expand your search results tagged as "Possible Match".

NOTE: This feature enhancement is being implemented in stages and will become available on mobile once a forthcoming WEB release is tested and released. 


American Well Touchpoint GO for Ascom

Change conversation naming convention

All new group conversations will now display the following format for the group name:

"Conversation: [Month] [date] [time]" of when the conversation was first created. The conversation name remains the same when a participant leaves the conversation

This default conversation name can be manually changed by a group participant. This new group conversation name will persist until a participant changes it again

Single 1:1 conversations will continue to display the other participant's name as it currently functions. 




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