Release Notes: Amwell Clinical (09/12/2019)

 Deployment date:  Thursday, September 12, 2019
 Deployment window:  3 - 6PM ET


✓ Enhancements to All Cases page
    • Added Search Bar
    • Added basic filters
    • Added video shortcut
✓ Calendar date header now remains static
✓ Remove Providers from Shift Schedules
✓ Case Details page keyboard shortcuts


In This Release

Enhancements to All Cases page

We are adding the ability to easily search and filter on the All Cases page to help you find the patient/case you are looking for. You can search by patient name and filter for facility, priority, status and/or Assignee to find the right patient.

Additionally, we have made it easier to initiate or join a video call directly from the All Cases page.


  1. Added Search Bar to the All Cases page. You can search by:
    • Patient Name
    • MRN
    • Case ID
  2. Added basic filters to All Cases page. Click the FILTERS button to expand the set of filter criteria which allow you to further narrow your search results by:
    • Facility
      • List of facilities available to you
    • Priority
      • Stat/Emergent
      • Routine
    • Case Status
      • Active
      • Complete
      • Pending
      • Waiting Room
    • Assignee
      • All Assignees
      • All Unassigned
      • List of Specific Providers
  3. Added video shortcut button to All Cases list. Click the video camera icon to join video for that case from the All Cases page. The video will initiate in “mini-mode”, from which you can scale to full-screen as needed.


Calendar date header now remains static

The date header for calendars will remain static, for your reference, as you scroll through the calendar.



Remove providers from Shift Schedules

You can now easily remove assigned providers from a shift calendar. We have added this new calendering feature within the Shift Assignment Tools section. Here's a quick how-to access and use this tool:

  1. Click 'Shift Assignment Tools' to reveal the right-sidebar with the shift tools.
  2. Click 'Unassign Provider' under 'Schedule Providers'.
  3. A purple box appears indicating that you are in the 'Unassign Provider' mode and your pointer will turn into a trash can icon.
  4. With the 'unassign icon' select the shift calendar item you wish to unassign a provider from.
  5. A confirmation box will appear. Click 'Yes' to confirm.
  6. The shift will now show that no provider is assigned.
  7. Close the 'Unassign Provider' mode by clicking the X.


Case Details page keyboard shortcuts

We have added keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly jump to different sections of the Case Details page. 

Pressing SHIFT + ALT + number 0-9 will enable you to quickly scroll to the corresponding sections as listed in the left menu of the Case Details page. For example:

  • SHIFT + ALT + 1 will always jump to the top of the Case Details page to show you the Summary section.
  • SHIFT + ALT + 3 will jump to the third item in the left menu list. In the example below, you will jump down to the Provider Notes section.
  • SHIFT + ALT + 8 will jump to the eighth item in the left menu list. In the example below, you will jump down to Vitals & Labs.
  • SHIFT + ALT + 0 will jump to the tenth item on the menu list. In the example below, you will be presented with the Case History section.
  • NOTE: If you have more than 10 menu items in the left sidebar, you will have to use the SHIFT + ALT + 0 shortcut to jump down to the tenth item and then scroll down to your desired section. Of course, you can simply use the mouse to click the section you wish to view, or scroll through the page to your desired section.




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