Release Note: American Well C250 (11/14/2019)

 Deployment date:  Thursday, November 14, 2019
 Deployment window:  3 - 6PM ET




✓ Hiding the 'Create A Case' workflow on the C250

NOTE: There is no installation update required — this update pertains to web-related content that you will be able to set from the administrative pages.


In This Release

Hiding the 'Create A Case' workflow on the C250

You are now able to hide the case creation workflow on the C250 dashboard. While you will still be able to receive and answer calls on your device when this feature is enabled, you will not see any of the case creation tools.


We recommend you speak with your American Well representative for details on enabling or disabling this functionality.

Enabling the 'Hide Case Creation Buttons'
From Fleet Enterprise, there is a setting called 'Hide Case Creation Buttons.' When enabling this feature, you will be reminded that "this feature will prevent case creation from your device. Choose this when your workflow has case creation coming from an EMR integration, or if Connect is the primary use case."

  • If this setting is ENABLED, users will see the new screen, as above, without any buttons.
  • If this setting is DISABLED, then the normal system dashboard buttons will be present. By default this feature is DISABLED.

This setting is also available on the 'Configuration' tab in Fleet Enterprise.



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