Release Notes: Amwell Clinical (1/9/2020)

 Deployment date:  Thursday, January 9, 2020
 Deployment window:  3 - 6 PM ET


✓ Improved the ICD-10 interface
✓ Unified signature section for each case form
✓ Incoming call dialog box

In This Release

Improved the ICD-10 interface

We have adjusted the dropdown interface for entering the ICD-10 codes, as well as the method to identify a primary code.

You can click and drag on the left area of each line item to rearrange and prioritize your list of codes above or below one another. The primary code can be set by dragging the desired code to the top of the list under the 'Primary' heading; the rest of the codes will default to the 'Other' section.



Unified signature section for each case form

In our continued effort to improve the visual stylings of the Clinical platform, we have applied an amended and unified signature block for each case form.



Incoming call dialog box

We have icons to help you identify whether you are joining a DIRECT CALL or a GROUP CALL.

  • A Direct Call (1-to-1) is identified with a single avatar icon.
  • When joining a Group Call (multiple participants), the icon will show a multi-icon avatar icon.





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