Release Notes: C250 App v1.2.1 Update

 Deployment date:  Monday, January 27, 2020
 Deployment window:  3-6PM


We have updated the C250 app to version 1.2.1 to include a number of minor bug fixes and performance enhancements. This requires an application download to update your C250. Please review the instructions for updating at the bottom of this page to know whether you will have to manually download and install the update, or if you are set up to automatically download and install the updates.

In addition, there is an interface update for the American Well C250:

✓ Arrange C250 clinical specialties in alphabetical order


In This Release

Arrange C250 clinical specialties in alphabetical order

In cases where there are multiple clinical specialties configured and available to select from, we have alphabetized the clinical specialties so that you can identify and select the appropriate specialty quickly.




Updating your C250

All updates on the C250 are managed remotely through the American Well Fleet Monitoring portal. Updates can either be applied automatically, or you can choose to manually trigger updates on a per-device basis.

If your device's settings are set to 'Simple' (default) or 'Advanced - Auto-Reboot', then one or both of these items will download the update(s) automatically when it detects the availability of a new version of the application and/or OS. The 'Simple' setting will download the OS update file only and will wait for a manual reboot to install the OS update. 'Advance - Auto-Reboot' will download the OS update and initiate a reboot to automatically install the OS update.

If the device's settings are set to 'Advanced - Manual', then please review the following instructions to manually update your device.

Refer to the C250 Configuration and User Guide for more information on 'Remote Device Management' for each of the system update options.


In the Fleet Monitoring Dashboard, select the endpoint device to be updated and you can find the Application Version and OS Version under 'Device Info'.



To update your C250 to the latest versions of the app and/or OS, navigate to the 'Commands' tab for your selected endpoint device and choose 'Push App Update' or 'Push OS Update.'

You must update each item one at a time.

NOTE: The OS update will require a system reboot.



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