Release Notes: American Well Touchpoint mobile app v20.03

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
AW Touchpoint v20.03 for iOS/Android Monday, April 7, 2020


The following notes are to inform you of what our development teams are currently working on for version 20.03 of American Well Touchpoint for iOS and Android supported devices. 

Please note that while we are working towards the timely delivery of our products and updates, this unprecedented global situation with the Coronavirus may affect our timeline. Please bear with us and we will communicate changes and updates to keep you informed.

As we draw nearer to the release date, we will update these notes with the appropriate screenshots to help you visualize these new features.


✓  Gender update to accommodate non-binary options
✓  Reminders for unread messages
✓  Add third-party participant to video
✓  Add MRN at case creation
✓  Choose to input measurements in Imperial or Metric units\
'Review & Submit' acknowledgment at case creation

In This Release

Gender update to accommodate non-binary options

In order to align with evolving EHR standard pertaining to gender, we have changes "Sex" to 
"Gender" for all patient Intake forms, which include the following options:

  • Female
  • Male
  • Other/x
  • Unknown



Reminders for unread messages and notifications

You can now set reminders for your unread Messages and Alert Notification. You can set these reminders in your profile settings to define specific alert tones to remind you of the unread messages or notifications, as well as set a time interval for the reminder frequency. The maximum reminder frequency is 10 minutes. Once you acknowledge a notification alert or read a previously unread message, the alert will cease until the next item needs acknowledgment.


NOTE: The Reminder Alert settings is a global setting and governs both unread Messages and unacknowledged Notifications.


Add third-party participant to video

We have expanded the ability to add third-party participants to a call using Touchpoint. You will now be able to access the staff directory or type in a non-directory phone number to add them to the conversation. You can use the popup keypad to enter an extension number or navigate a phone tree as needed.

This aligns with the multi-participant features on the Amwell Hospital Clinical portals.


Add MRN at case creation

Touchpoint now gives you the ability to add a patient's MRN into a case that is being created or to an existing case.


Choose to input measurements in Imperial or Metric units

We have provided the option for you to choose the units of measurement to input data on the 'Vitals and Labs' form. This feature is bi-directionally synchronized between the Amwell Hospital web and Touchpoint — the appropriate conversions will apply when changing the setting or modifying the measurements.

NOTE: The default unit is set to Imperial units. This functionality is enabled from the Enterprise Portal. Please speak with your Amwell representative for more information.



'Review & Submit' acknowledgment at case creation

You will now see a 'Review & Submit' prompt to verify that you have all the required information to create a new case.




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