Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (7/8/2020)

 Deployment date:  Wednesday, July 8, 2020
 Deployment window:  3–6 PM ET



  • "Unassign Case" now triggers notifications
  • Additional "Title" options now available in "My Profile"
  • New 'Support' page layout
  • Updated 'My Calendar' page with current branding

NOTE: You can view notable Amwell Hospital updates (e.g. bugfixes, hotfixes, etc.) on the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page. This page will require a one-time registration and login if you have not already registered for this site.

"Unassign Case" now triggers notifications

We've added a context drop selection to "Unassign Case" on the "Case Details" page. This action changes the case's status to 'Waiting Room' and re-triggers notifications associated with this event.

This can be useful in the event that a Provider has taken the case but is called away and is no longer available for the case, or if a Coordinator determines that an accepted case has been waiting too long and should be placed back in the queue/waiting room so that someone else can pick it up.


This action triggers several events:

  • The notification timer restarts the clock regarding notifications/escalations (e.g. the "patient waiting" notification triggers again)
  • The case is placed back into the Pending state
  • The event is posted in the collaboration pane so that people can see who unassigned the case and the case status with a timestamp for the event
  • The event is tracked and logged of these cases in "Reporting".


Additional "Title" options now available in "My Profile"

You will now find the following "Titles" available for you in the "My Profile" page:

  • Prof. (for professor)
  • Mx. (for gender neutrality/respect to people choosing an option aside from blank if they do not wish to be the other options)
  • Miss


New 'Support' page layout

We have updated the 'Support' page to be customizable with your preferred messaging and contact information.

Please speak with your Amwell Implementation Manager to set up this page.



Updated 'My Calendar' page with current branding

While there are no changes that will affect your workflow, you may notice color and font changes, as well as some minor layout design changes to the 'My Calendar' that align with the changes we have been slowly rolling out to improve backend functionality and scalability.




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