UPDATE: Amwell Hospital (7/10/2020)

We wanted to send out this update to inform you of two solutions we have recently implemented in an ongoing effort to enable you to continue using the Amwell Hospital platform efficiently and effectively while we seek to resolve the challenges that have arisen from increased demand and technical compatibility during this time.

We are aware that some of you may experience some issues due to decisions made with regard to product development. Please know that we are listening, and we are constantly evaluating the features and enhancements you are requesting.


Mobile and desktop browser compatibility

With a recent release, some mobile users and patients may see a landing page indicating their mobile or desktop browser is not supported when accessing Amwell Connect for patients. 

In evaluating the various browsers and their compatibility with the Amwell Hospital platform, we have had to make some difficult choices in order to define which devices and browsers will provide the best user experience with our product against the ever-evolving technological compatibilities.

The following browsers will display an unsupported browser* notification when attempting to view Amwell Connect for patients:

  • IE11 on Windows desktop
  • all non-Safari browsers on iOS


* The age and capabilities of Microsoft IE11 on your Windows computer limit the proper utilization of the Amwell Hospital platform on your desktop, thus creating a poor user experience. (Note that development and support for IE11 will be ending by Dec. 2020 due to its out-dated capabilities.)

Additionally, while we recommend that you utilize the mobile Touchpoint app for iOS and Android mobile devices, we recognize that there are instances where the process of downloading, installing, and setting up the app may be difficult or inconvenient. To streamline that process and allow invited participants to quickly launch into a video call, we are leveraging technology included in some browsers that now enables the option to launch a video session via a supported browser. Unfortunately, there are other mobile browsers that make it difficult to leverage this ability for users and patients at this time. 

NOTE: Browser compatibility is subject to change as technologies evolve or become out-dated and newer technologies provide opportunities to improve user and patient experience.


"Call Log Report" has new filtering capability

In addressing the problem of users not being able to download the "Call Log Report", we missed the opportunity to let you know that we have added a "Filter" button to generate your report. Please note that the filter will limit the report details to a seven-day period — you can generate reports within any seven-day window. 


We will continue to optimize the performance and information generated for your reports.



NOTE: You can view notable Amwell Hospital updates (e.g. bugfixes, hotfixes, etc.) on the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page. This page will require a one-time registration and login if you have not already registered for this site.

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