Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (7/16/2020)

 Deployment date:  Thursday, July 16, 2020
 Deployment window:  3–6 PM ET



  • Added the ability for clinical portal administrators to create users
  • You can now copy a guest invite URL from the "Call Participants" dialog box
  • Non-providers can now complete cases with new case permission
  • Made enhancements to the 'Messages' page
  • Added option to create a case and join video from the navigation menu

NOTE: You can view notable Amwell Hospital updates (e.g. bugfixes, hotfixes, etc.) on the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page. This page will require a one-time registration and login if you have not already registered for this site.

Ability for clinical portal administrators to create users

In addition to inviting new users, administrators are now able to create new users from their Clinical Portal.

Clicking "System Settings" under "Tools" provides the new option to "Add New User".


This will open page to enter the user's name, email, and password. Only the email is required at this point. NOTE: Establishing a password is optional as many of these providers should be set up to access the site via single sign-on or an EHR.


Click "Add User" to add additional user information including contact preferences, credentials, and permissions. The user's First and Last Name are required before clicking "Save". NOTE: This new user can access his or her own profile and enter/edit their details.


Copy a guest invite URL from the "Call Participants" dialog box

When inviting participants to your call, we have added a dropdown option for you to "Copy Guest Link" from the "Call Participants" dialog box.


Clicking "Copy Guest Link" will copy a URL to the clipboard that can be pasted and sent to participants using other messaging options (such as an EHR patient portal).

NOTE: This link stays active as long as the case is open and only expires when the case is archived.

The invited participants click on the link, they will see the “Guest Invite” page that prompts for the person’s name and whether they are patient, provider or other.


Non-providers can now complete cases with new case permission

Administrators can now set permissions for additional roles to be able to complete cases.


Administrators can add and modify "Case Permissions" under Tools > System Settings and selecting the "Permissions" tab.

NOTE: This does not impact your current functionality or settings. You will continue to have the Complete case setting set for Provider role only on the Clinical Portal settings page by default. You must create a new permission setting in order to allow other roles to have the ability to complete cases.


Made enhancements to the 'Messages' page 

We have made some changes to the 'Messages' page:


  1. There is a new group icon to indicate a Group Conversation.
  2. The currently selected message room will now be bold, in addition to the blue tab indicating which conversation you are viewing.
  3. We've added a participant count to quickly identify how many participants are in the conversation.
  4. Changed "Participants" block to now say "Group Room Participants".
  5. While the option to "Add Participants" will remain for group messages, this option has been removed for private, one-to-one conversations.
  6. Messages are now ordered in the time they are received, whether you have read them or not, just as you would expect and be familiar with from your commonly used messaging tools. Previously, we had prioritized unread messages to the top, but once you read an unread message with an earlier timestamp, it would re-insert itself further down the messages list based on the latest timestamp, making it a bit confusing and difficult to track.


Added option to create a case and join video from the navigation menu

You can now choose to automatically join a video call from the navbar's "Create a Case" workflow. NOTE: This option is available when you opt to skip the patient "Intake" form at case creation.

Selecting "Skip Intake & Join Video" will take you to the "Case Details" page and then automatically initiate the case video call in full screen.



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