Release Notes: Amwell C250 (2.0.10 OS, 2.0.66 App)

 Deployment date:

 Monday, November 16, 2020 
 (OS 2.0.10 / App 2.0.63)

 Deployment window:  9PM – 12AM ET
 App Version Updated : 

 Thursday, November 19, 2020 3:00pm ET
 (OS 2.0.10 / App 2.0.66)



  • Instant Zoom: a new quick and intuitive camera control feature
  • Adding support for automatic Standby Mode when the device is idle
  • Adding ability to revert device software
  • Improvements to Settings UI
  • Adding "Low Battery" and "Critical Battery" alerts
  • Auto-update at First Time Setup
  • New call hangup logic to improve patient experience
  • Camera defaults to privacy mode when not in use
  • Adding ability to "forget" a wireless network
  • Improve QR Code scan time
  • Branding updates
  • Notable bug fixes 

2.0.66 RELEASE:

  • Allow customers to utilize their preferred DNS Servers rather than Amwell recommended servers. 

NOTE: If your network is blocking Amwell recommended DNS servers, the very first boot up after updating to App version 2.0.66 may take up to an additional 2 minutes. This should only occur on the first boot, subsequent boots will be normal. 


New OS (v2.0.10) and app (v2.0.66) updates for the C250, as well as the related changes for the Hospital platform, are scheduled to release on Monday, Nov. 16, between 9PM and 12AM ET.  You will begin to see device updates on Tuesday. Some updates will come in the Monday release, but for device-specific updates, both items must be installed for the update to take effect.

Please review the instructions for updating at the bottom of this page to know whether you will have to manually download and install the update, or if you are set up to automatically download and install the updates.

NOTE: You can view the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page for a list of updates made across the Hospital platform (including bugfixes, hotfixes, etc.).
 You can also get a glimpse of notable new features and updates that are Coming Soon in the upcoming weeks and months. Both of these pages will require a one-time registration and login if you have not already registered for this site.




Instant Zoom: a new quick and intuitive camera control feature

You now quickly and easily navigate the camera's field of view with Instant Zoom — a new way to control C250’s with 20x zoom cameras (not available for 10x cameras).  When you are in a call connected to a C250, you will have a new interface that allows you to simply “draw” a box around your desired viewing area — the camera will make the appropriate adjustments to relocate the camera position and zoom to view your selected area focus.  This method offers viewer clicks and faster interaction.

NOTE: The current “tap-to-move” functionality will remain with the arrow and zoom controls.


Adding support for automatic Standby Mode when the device is idle

In order to conserve battery, we are implementing a lower power mode called “Standby Mode”

Standby Mode will trigger through two methods:

  • When the device is idle for a configurable amount of time.  Idle time means no user interacting with it, AND not in a call - the device will not enter Standby Mode if a call is active
  • When you tap the power button

Standby Mode can be enabled from the Fleet Monitoring portal and during Endpoint Creation through a new setting called “Turn Off the Screen After:  X minutes” — you can choose from 1-60 minutes, or disable the feature entirely.


Revert device software

You will now have the ability to manually rollback the software on the device to the previous software version.  This can be done from the Setup Wizard pages which displays during initial startup and if the device is unable to connect to the network.  This allows for improved troubleshooting and reduced downtime in the event that an issue occurs after an update.




Improvements to Settings UI

There is a new and improved UI for the Settings pages as shown below.



Added "Low Battery" and "Critical Battery" alerts

We have improved the way we track battery status and have added a "Low Battery" alert to prompt you to charge your device so that it is ready when you need it. 

NOTE: This enhancement also resolves connectivity issues with the PTZ camera and cradle speaker as it relates to low battery power.

You will see the following alerts when the battery on your cart drops below certain thresholds, and there will also be audible alerts to prompt you to plug in your cart:


    • You will see an on-screen "Low battery" alert. You must tap "Dismiss" before continuing with your work.

    • The battery indicator color on the dashboard will change to orange indicating "Low Battery".

    • An audible alert will chime once.



    • You will see an on-screen "Critical battery" alert.  You must tap "Dismiss" before continuing with your work.

    • The battery indicator color on the dashboard will change to red indicating "Critical Battery".

    • An audible alert will chime periodically until the cart is plugged in.



    • You will see an on-screen "Shutdown" alert.  You must plug your device into a power source before continuing with your work.

    • An audible alert will chime continue to chime.

    • The device will shut down imminently unless you plugin.

NOTE: If the battery drops below the thresholds while the cart is in low power mode (screen off), these popup alerts will be displayed when the cart returns from low power mode. The audible alerts will chime even in low power mode.


Auto-update at First Time Setup

To ensure that your device is ready to use with the latest version of software, we have built-in an auto-update feature. Upon device activation, you will be prompted to update your device if it detects out-of-date software.


Once the device is updated, you may proceed to the application Dashboard.


New call hangup logic to improve patient experience

We have improved the background call interaction between the C250 device and the video rooms so that patients will not be "stuck" in a call when the call has ended.


Camera defaults to privacy mode when not in use

Whenever the PTZ camera is not in use the camera's default position will be pointing to the side and down, indicating that the camera is in "Privacy Mode".

When the camera is in "Active Mode" (in a call), it will reposition itself to point to the user or patient.



Added ability to "forget" a wireless network

You are now able to forget a wireless network on the occasion you no longer want your device to connect to a previously connected network. This will ensure that your device does not automatically reconnect to the undesired network (i.e., test, problematic, or obsolete networks).

Select the network you wish to forget and tap 'Forget Network" to delete the credentials and prevent connection to that wireless network until you re-enter the appropriate credentials.



Improved QR Code scan time

We have refactored this procedure to improve the time it takes scan the activation QR Code.


Branding updates

You may notice updated branding elements within the application:

  • updated logo (from American Well to Amwell)
  • minor changes to colors and fonts


Notable bug fixes

  • Simplified the user setup workflow by removing additional "Let's get setup" screen 
  • Adjusted ringtone to prevent distortion at high volumes
  • Addressed issue where users were not alerted that they were entering invalid network credentials
  • Fixed issue where the list of wireless networks does not load properly
  • Fixed Wi-Fi auto-connect priority to remember the last SSID on reboot



Updating your C250

All updates on the C250 are managed remotely through the Amwell Fleet Monitoring portal. Updates can either be applied automatically, or you can choose to manually trigger updates on a per-device basis.

If your device's settings are set to 'Simple' (default) or 'Advanced - Auto-Reboot', then one or both of these items will download the update(s) automatically when it detects the availability of a new version of the application and/or OS. The 'Simple' setting will download the OS update file only and will wait for a manual reboot to install the OS update. 'Advance - Auto-Reboot' will download the OS update and initiate a reboot to automatically install the OS update.

If the device's settings are set to 'Advanced - Manual', then please review the following instructions to manually update your device.

Refer to the C250 Configuration and User Guide for more information on 'Remote Device Management' for each of the system update options.


In the Fleet Monitoring Dashboard, select the endpoint device to be updated and you can find the Application Version and OS Version under 'Device Info'.



To update your C250 to the latest versions of the app and/or OS, navigate to the 'Commands' tab for your selected endpoint device and choose 'Push App Update' or 'Push OS Update.'

You must update each item one at a time.

NOTE: The OS update will require a system reboot. 



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