Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (10/6/2020)

 Deployment date:  Tuesday, October 6, 2020
 Deployment window:  9PM – 12AM



  • Branding updates to the Patient Portal
  • Email template updates to the Clinical and Patient Portals
  • Warning message when overwriting MRN
  • Standalone tech-check URL
  • Send provider reminders with appropriate timezone information
  • Improvements for with Cerner integration

NOTE: You can view the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page for a list of updates made across the Hospital platform (including bugfixes, hotfixes, etc.).
 You can also get a glimpse of notable new features and updates that are Coming Soon in the upcoming weeks and months. Both of these pages will require a one-time registration and login if you have not already registered for this site.




Branding updates to the Patient Portal

We want you to be aware of the branding and design changes that are coming to the Patient Portal. You can review the attached overview of the changes you will see pertaining to the patient's experience: Patient Portal Experience Updates.pdf.

FOR THE PATIENT: The patient will see a new user interface that now aligns with the consumer elements of the Amwell product portfolio. These changes are largely visual changes that will not affect the patient's process through a visit. While there are some changes that have been made — to simplify the language, instructions, and process by which a patient will be invited, directed through a video call, and complete their visit — their flow will remain the same while their overall experience will improve:

  • updated UI styles to match Amwell Home
  • improved navigation terms and standardized text to match Amwell Home
  • simplified test connection
  • simplified feedback survey
  • updated email templates
  • mobile-friendly email format





FOR THE ADMINISTRATOR:  We have added the ability for you to customize some elements of the patient portal. Please speak with your Amwell Implementation Manager for more information about:

  • choosing company brand colors for buttons and links
  • configuring background images for Epic CAL




Email template updates to the Clinical and Patient Portals

The same changes to the Patient Portal email templates noted above — a new set of email templates applied to emails sent out to patients from the Patient Portal — will also be used for emails sent from the Clinical Portal.



Warning message when overwriting MRN


Multiple MRNs are potentially available in spoke-hub relationships. While an MRN is usually set automatically from an interface, there may be times an MRN must be entered by hand or edited. If an MRN is mistakenly changed by hand it could prevent the interfaces from working properly or cause patient data loss.


Standalone tech-check URL

We have generated a standalone test tool that can be made available to your patients or providers. It's the same test connection tool you are already familiar with, and it can be sent out to patients or providers — no log-in is necessary, and the link to how to get to it is by simply adding "techcheck" to the end of your normal Clinical Portal URL:

NOTE: This is a web and mobile-friendly tool.




Send provider reminders with appropriate timezone information

We will now send provider appointment reminders displaying the appropriate appointment time in the corresponding timezone based on the timezone of the facility of the appointment.


Improvements for Cerner integration

We have made some improvements for Cerner deep integration.

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