Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (10/26/2020)

 Deployment date:  Monday, October 26, 2020
 Deployment window:  9PM – 12AM



  • Fleet Monitoring Dashboard filters now persist for a user's session
  • Added "Directory" option for inviting a participant to a call
  • New video layout options 

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Fleet Monitoring Dashboard filters now persist for a user's session

The user-specific filters and search terms on the Fleet Monitoring Dashboard will now be retained for the duration of your session. Clicking the "Back" button or clicking "Endpoint" to navigate to the start page, the filters and/or search terms will persist until you modify or clear them, or clear when you log out of the Fleet Monitoring Portal.

This reduces the cumbersome repetition of applying filters and/or search terms when making edits to your fleet devices.


Added ability to invite a Directory participant during a call

You are now able to add a colleague to an active call by selecting them from the "Directory" option in the "Call Participants" window. Previously, you could only invite a Directory participant before the call began.

NOTE: The Directory invite may not be seen by users that are offline.


New video layout options

In order to accommodate instances where an ASL interpreter might be needed, or to be able to see multiple call participants, we have added a new "Change Layout" button to set various call layouts during a call.  NOTE: This button is only visible for authenticated Clinical Portal users.

The layout display is determined by the Provider and is the same for all participants, so when a layout is selected it will update everyone’s layout — all participants will see the same type of layout respective to their perspective.




Using the "Change Layout button will allow you to select from the following layout options:  1+7, 4+0, and 2+21. If there are >7 participants in the call, your layout will default to 1+21 instead of 1+7 to accommodate the extra participants.





As before, when you choose to spotlight a specific participant by pinning them in the "Call Participants" dialog box, the selected user will persist as the prominent video window until unpinned.


You are now able to pin two participants at a time, presenting both pinned participants side-by-side (2 +21 layout).



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