Release Notes: Amwell Touchpoint mobile app v20.10

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
AW Touchpoint v20.10 for iOS/Android Tuesday, November 17, 2020



  • Optimized video layouts
  • App store rating request
  • Simplified the case creation workflow for logged in providers
  • Adding remote control features for the new Amwell C500
  • Bug fixes

NOTE: You can view any maintenance and minor Touchpoint app update releases (e.g. v20.04.01) on the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page.



Optimized video layouts

Touchpoint video calls now provide the user with full-screen portrait and landscape views (relative to the far-end video source) for one or two participants.




App stores rating request

We have improved the ability for users to leave feedback upon a successful call. Users can post star ratings to the respective app stores — the rating option will be presented after each video call. Users can submit a rating with 5 stars or less, or select “not now” to bypass the feedback request.

Events that trigger the ratings popup:

  • Public connect users:  after the user successfully ends a video call.
  • Logged in user (staff directory):  after the user successfully ends a video call (includes calling through a case).
  • Logged in user:  14 days or more of using the app. If the user never uses video to end a call, the app will recheck after 122 days.



Simplified the case creation workflow for logged in providers

We have streamlined and simplified the case creation workflow — under certain conditional configurations, you will be able to quickly create a case and join a video call.

Conditional settings for the simplified workflow:

  • Select "Create case"
  • Skip Workflow selection if only one exists
  • Skip Facility (location) selection only one exists
  • Skip Call back devices if there is one or no device option
  • Skip Patient intake if configured as not active
  • Review and submit!


Adding remote control features for the new Amwell C500

In anticipation of the upcoming new Hospital Carepoint — the Amwell C500 — we are adding the ability to remotely control the microphone, speaker, and ePTZ controls for C500 devices.

Learn more about the Amwell C500 Telemedicine Cart here.



  • Fixed issue where some users experience random logouts to the login screen.
  • Addressed the issue when three participants are in a call and one hangs up, the call ends.
  • Resolved the issue where Touchpoint Tablet asks for mic permissions after the call is made to Tablet.
  • Fixed the issue of no sound available for an endpoint call with auto-answer set at 0s.


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