Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (11/23/2020)

 Deployment date:  Monday, November 23, 2020
 Deployment window:  9PM – 12AM ET



  • Implemented browser redirects for unsupported browser versions
  • Added enhanced stroke reporting
  • Masking phone number when a participant joins via phone call
  • New alert notification style
  • Added Provider post-call survey

NOTE: You can view the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page for a list of updates made across the Hospital platform (including known issues, bugfixes, hotfixes, etc.).
 You can also get a glimpse of notable new features and updates that are Coming Soon in the upcoming weeks and months. Both of these pages will require a one-time registration and login if you have not already registered for this site.



Implemented browser redirects for unsupported browser versions

Our system will now redirect users on unsupported browsers to browsers that are supported. Through this redirect, using supported browsers will now be required to ensure an optimal experience on the Amwell Hospital platform. 

A list of supported and unsupported browsers for PROVIDERS is shown below, and is also available on our support site.

  • Chrome
  • Edge Chromium
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Opera
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Chrome
  • Edge Chromium
  • Opera
  • Firefox

For a list of supported and unsupported browsers for PATIENTS and GUESTS, please view the Patient Portal Technical Requirements.

Additionally, when the system detects an out-of-date version of a supported browser, a pop-up message will appear that encourages users to download the latest version. While updating isn’t required, it will contribute to an improved experience on Amwell.




Added enhanced stroke reporting

We have added a new "Stroke Metrics Extract" report, which builds on and provides greater detail than the existing "Basic Stroke Metrics" report. This will allow you to track, in a single location, specific stroke vitals and readings, time calculations for between different Telestroke care events, and additional information on patients. The report also has enhanced filtering for Stroke cases.

The report can be generated, as with the other reports available to you, from the Amwell Clinical Portal, and the output will be an Excel (.XLSX) format.

Those enabled with the correct permissions can generate the "Stroke Metrics Extract" report from the Analytics Reports page.


  1. Navigate to Tools > Analytic Reports.
  2. Select "Stroke Metrics Extract" from the Reports Type drop-down menu.
  3. Click the "Filter" button.
  4. Enter the desired parameters for your report.
  5. Click "Generate Extract" and wait for the report to be compiled.
  6. When the report becomes available, you can download the .XLSX file for your analysis.


Please refer to the STROKE METRICS EXTRACT FIELD DEFINITIONS (20-1119).pdf for each of the field definitions and descriptions. All definitions are subject to change due to additional information or use case clarification.

Some features of note pertaining to the "Stroke Metrics Extract" report:

  • Calculations can capture key timing differences between events (ex. ED Arrival to Alteplase Administered)
  • Vitals & Labs can now have a date stamp for when the vitals were actually taken (instead of when the form was added). This data will be captured in this report, as well as in the Case Details Extract on the Vitals & Labs tab (the field name is: readings_taken_at).
  • Blood Pressure and PTT fields are updated. Instead of bpd = 80 and bps = 120 the form will now show as "120/80" for ease of entering data. The PTT field has been updated to say aPTT.


Masking phone number when a participant joins via phone call

As a privacy measure, a participant joining by telephone will now have their number partially masked. Any audio-only participant is identified and listed by their partially-masked phone number in the Call Participants list, and whenever the participant is the active speaker in the call.




New alert notification style

We have redesigned the alert notifications style acoss the Clinical Portal — you will see the notifications appear at bottom of the page with the relevant notification.


The new notification style (above) replaces the popup notification style (below).



Added Provider post-call survey

Upon call completion, Providers will notice a pop-up at the bottom of the screen asking if their call was successful. The user will then have the option to provide feedback by clicking "Add feedback note." 


The user only sees the survey if the pop-up bar to add feedback is clicked. There are three simple questions, and an additional checkbox question if the user says they experienced technical issues.


NOTE: The provider survey setting is set ON by default. The option to turn off this survey setting can be managed in Enterprise under Clinical Portal Settings. Please speak with your Amwell representative for assistance or more details on this functionality.


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