Release Notes: Amwell Touchpoint mobile app v20.11

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
AW Touchpoint v20.11 for iOS/Android Tuesday, December 22, 2020



  • Enable Touchpoint to start calls without a Case — Quick Connect
  • Share NIHSS images via Quick Connect
  • Improvements to secure Messages sorting
  • Show interpreters as an Add Participant option
  • Added feedback opportunity at the end of the video call

NOTE: You can view any maintenance and minor Touchpoint app update releases (e.g. v20.04.01) on the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page.



Enable Touchpoint to start Calls without a Case — Quick Connect

You can now easily start a collaboration call — to endpoint, email, SMS, phone — without having to go through a case to establish a video call.  Additionally, Quick Connect drives the ability to enable and share NIHSS images outside of the Telestroke case workflow.

Please speak with your Amwell Implementation Manager for more details on enabling Quick Connect.


Touchpoint mobile will reflect the Quick Connect settings from the Clinical Web Enterprise portal (Clinical Portals > Modules):

  • If the Quick Connect option is ENABLED, Quick Connect will be an option in the mobile application Main Menu based on assigned role permissions from the Systems Settings > Permissions page — only authorized users will be able to leverage this feature.
  • If the “Quick Connect” option is DISABLED, the option will not be available.

When you select Quick Connect from the main menu, you can choose to:

  • Call a Device — use the options to select from your available devices
  • Invite a User — use the drop down menu to choose the method by which you would like to invite call participants:
      • Directory
      • Email Invitation
      • Phone Call
      • SIP Call
      • SMS Invitation
      • Interpreter (optionally configured)
  • Tap the Video Icon in the Recent Connections list to call that contact again.
  • Tap the More Icon in the Recent Connections list to either Copy Invitation Link to share, or Archive Room to remove the call/room from the list.


Please note some particulars about placing audio phone calls with Quick Connect:

  • User invitations by phone to multiple participants will ring simultaneously.
  • We recommend phone invitations be dialed individually to avoid the confusion of simultaneous phone calls and the possibility of multiple phone tree navigation prompts.
  • Phone numbers that require phone tree navigation should be invited first or last.


Share NIHSS images via Quick Connect

We have enabled Touchpoint to be able to quickly share NIHSS images for stroke evaluation through Quick Connect calls. Please speak with your Amwell Implementation Manager for more details on enabling NIHSS images.

Permission must be enabled by role or group, and you must enable the "Can share NIHSS images" checkbox to utilize this feature.


NOTE: Quick Connect can be enabled without NIHSS sharing, but not vice versa — sharing NIHSS images is dependent on Quick Connect.

You can still share NIHSS images via a Telestroke case workflow if it is appropriately configured.

When in a Quick Connect call, you can select the NIHSS button at the bottom-right to begin sharing the NIHSS images. The button will turn red indicating that the NIHSS images are being shared with the patient.

You can advance through the NIHSS images by tapping the arrows. The patient will see the NIHSS images prominently on their device.

Touch the red NIHSS button to stop sharing the images and resume consultation.


NOTE: Only the provider that initiates the call will see the NIHSS button to share images.


Changes to Messages sorting

We have adjusted the way your secure messages will sort with familiar logic as found in many of the popular messaging apps:

  • new messages you receive will appear at the top of the list
  • unread messages are highlighted for you to quickly identify those messages which may need your response
  • messages that are read will remain in place
  • messages you reply to will move to the top of the list



Add and show interpreters as an Add Participant option

With the help of your Amwell Implementation Manager, you can add interpreters as an Invite User or Add Participant option on the Enterprise portal. 

Each of the added interpreter's contact entry will be included in the options available to you when you choose to Invite a User or Add Participant — select the interpreter option you prefer to use. If there are multiple interpreter entries available for a particular language, simply select the contact from the choices available to you.



Added feedback opportunity at the end of the video call

We have added an opportunity for feedback at the end of each of your video calls. You can tap the snackbar that pops up asking if your video visit was successful. There are three simple questions to provide feedback for your video experience. There is an additional screen for feedback if you had experienced any technical issues with your video session.



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