Release Notes: Amwell Touchpoint mobile app v21.01

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
AW Touchpoint v21.01 for iOS/Android Monday, February 8, 2021



  • Request for Services on Touchpoint Tablet
  • Honor Facility Permissions for endpoint
  • Guest Invite Test Connection
  • Removed "Cellphone" as required field in Profile
  • Provide FECC for Quick Connect calls to C250
  • Context Aware Links now redirect to a case without requiring PIN

NOTE: You can view any maintenance and minor Touchpoint app update releases (e.g. v20.04.01) on the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page.




Request for Services on Touchpoint Tablet

When enabled, Touchpoint Tablet now has the added capability to allow you to “Request Services” for any pre-configured workflow (e.g. Pediatrics, Cardiology, Urgent Care Stroke, Behavioral Health, etc.). In addition, Touchpoint Tablet allows the user to enter patient intake data when enabled.

When services are requested, Touchpoint Tablet creates the case and awaits a call back from an assigned provider.

Please speak with your Amwell Account Manager to enable this Enterprise Portal configuration for Touchpoint Tablet.

NOTE: Care Access Forms must also be enabled in the Enterprise Portal if you would like to have Touchpoint Tablet enabled to use intake forms. Only the Patient Intake Form is available at this time. We will be enabling other intake forms in the coming releases.

  1. When enabled, you will see a new Request Care option at the start of your Touchpoint Tablet workflow. Select Request Care to create a new case.
  2.  You will see the service line workflow options that are configured and enabled in Enterprise. Select the appropriate service line.
  3. If your setup in Enterprise has enabled intake forms for your Touchpoint Tablet, you will see the appropriate intake form for you to populate with the patient's demographic information and create a case. If intake forms are not enabled you will be placed in the Waiting Room.

    Fill in the form as needed and Save. You will see a confirmation for your newly created case. Select "Got it" to acknowledge case creation.
    NOTE: These fields are not required, and the form can be updated from your Clinical Portal and the Touchpoint mobile app.
  4. Touchpoint Tablet will then place you in the Waiting Room for the assigned provider to initiate the call with your Touchpoint Tablet.

    NOTE: You may select Cancel Case to terminate your current workflow. You will be asked to confirm your intent to Cancel Case, or you can select Continue Working to return to the Wating Room. Cases can also be canceled from your Clinical Portal and the Touchpoint mobile app; a popup will appear indicating your case has been canceled and you must acknowledge the notification to continue.




Honor Facility Permissions for endpoint

The Facility Permissions are now honored in Touchpoint when you Create a Case. NOTE: Facility Permissions are presently not applied for placing Connect calls.

When enabled in the Enterprise Portal under Settings ("Limit Patient Visibility to Facility Membership"). This generates the Facility Permissions tab under System Settings in the Clinical Portal, where you can appropriately manage the permission settings that can be selected within Touchpoint.



NOTE: This configuration follows the same setup for Facility Permissions required for the Connect Module on the Clinical Portal.



Guest Invite Test Connection

Guest invitations received via email or SMS now include the ability to test the connection before joining the call. This is a quick process initiated by tapping "Test my connection."  This gives the user the opportunity to give the app access to the device camera and microphone, make a test call, and verify that there is no technical issue preventing them from joining the call. 




Removed "Cellphone" as required field in Profile

We have removed "Cellphone" as a mandatory entry within the Clinical Portal. This affects the web and mobile platforms. Previously, the initial login for Touchpoint had required users to enter a cellphone number during the Profile setup process.



Provide FECC for Quick Connect calls to C250

Touchpoint now has the ability to leverage FECC (Far-End Camera Control) when calling an FECC-enabled C250 cart via Quick Connect.

NOTE: The FECC feature must be enabled from the Enterprise portal for the cart.

If enabled, you will see the FECC icon on the video toolbar when a call is made to the C250 cart. You will have the same navigational controls: pan left/right, tilt up/down, and zoom in/out. The Home button brings the camera back to the default position.

If FECC is not enabled you will not see the FECC camera control icon.

TP_FECC_button.PNG FECC icon




Context Aware Links now redirect to cases without requiring PIN

When you receive a case notification via your EHR, you can now access the Case Details page without having to re-enter your PIN.

NOTE: If the app times out after 15-minutes of inactivity, you will have to re-enter your PIN to get back into the app.



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