Release Notes: Amwell Touchpoint mobile app v21.08

Mobile App Version/Platform Submit to App Stores
AW Touchpoint
(w/ Touchpoint Tablet)
v21.08 for iOS/Android Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021



  • Improved accuracy of Network signal indicator
  • Network signal indicator: Remove notification for acceptable signal on Wi-Fi
  • Parity with Clinical Portal for viewing appointments
  • Bug fixes

NOTE: You can view any maintenance and minor Touchpoint app update releases (e.g. v20.04.01) on the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page.


Improved accuracy of Network signal indicator

We have adjusted the calculations for improved accuracy in measuring network signal strength.


Network signal indicator: Removed notification for an acceptable signal on Wi-Fi

In addition to the improvement to the network signal strength calculation, we have removed the amber "acceptable" signal notification for users connected to Wi-Fi. This will alleviate the extra step for users having to acknowledge and clear this message for calls made with acceptable signal strength connections on Wi-Fi.

NOTE: As we do not recommend using cellular for video calls, the amber signal notification will appear for users when utilizing cellular data, even though it is calculated to be an acceptable signal strength — it is only for Wi-Fi connections that the notification is removed.



Parity with Clinical Portal for viewing appointments

In keeping parity with the Clinical Portal web, you will now be able to use Touchpoint to see your list of appointments organized by Overdue, Future, and Today. This filtering provides a clearer overview and organization of your appointments.



Bug fixes 

We have addressed a number of bugs, including:

  • Resolved issues with auto-hangup on C750
  • Addressed issue where some users experience Touchpoint disconnecting all participants in a 3-participant call when one web participant hangs up
  • The Connect EHR Post-Call Survey now generates on AW Touchpoint
  • Resolved iPads battery status randomly dropping to -100% and triggering battery alert from Fleet Monitoring



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