Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (11/15/2021)

Deployment date:  Monday, November 15, 2021
Deployment window:  9PM – 12AM ET



  • Basic Stroke Metrics: Added new value to Time Tracking Form for Assigned Provider Video + Automatically Populate
  • Fleet: Allow Test Calls for C250/C500 Carepoints from Enterprise
  • Fleet: Add Camera Disconnected Alert for C760 and C750C
  • Fleet: Improvements to the configuration options in Fleet Monitor for C250/C500 Carepoints
  • Bug fixes

NOTE: You can view the Amwell Hospital Web & Mobile Updates page for a list of updates made across the Hospital platform (including known issues, bugfixes, hotfixes, etc.).
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Basic Stroke Metrics: Added new value to Time Tracking Form for Assigned Provider Video + Automatically Populate

A new field labeled “Video Call with Assigned Provider” will be automatically added to the Time Tracking form, under certain conditions. This only appears when a provider who is assigned to the case first joins the video, when a workflow has a Time Tracking form attached to the case, and the form is enabled by default. When this new field appears, it includes a starting and ending time and date. Likewise, this field’s information will then appear in the Case Details Extract Tracker form on the Time Tracking tab.



Fleet: Allow test calls for C250/C500 Carepoints from Enterprise

We are providing Test Call functionality for our C250 and C500 Carepoints. This will allow Fleet users to call a Carepoint and test the current status, as long as the Carepoint is not in an ongoing call.

NOTE: This feature does not work on IE11. 

NOTE: This feature is unavailable for those in the "Fleet Viewer" role. 



Fleet: Add Camera Disconnected Alert for C760 and C750C

The current Fleet Monitoring alert for Camera Disconnected will now be expanded to include C760 and C750C carts. Alerts will only be sent if the device has alerts enabled.

This same alert is currently available for the TV Kit - 100, and C250.


Fleet: Improvements to the configuration options in Fleet Monitor for C250/C500 Carepoints

We have improved the logic, descriptions, and user interface of the configuration options in the Fleet Monitoring portal for C250/C500 Carepoints. These changes impact the configuration options when adding a new C250/C500 endpoint and when making updates to an existing C250/C500 endpoint from the configuration tab. These updates help clarify the purpose of each setting and the impact of toggling them on/off, making Carepoint configuration more intuitive and straightforward.


Bug fixes

We have addressed a number of bugs, including:

  • Fixed issue with the "Consent for treatment" checkbox and the "Enter the waiting room" button.
  • Resolved issue with credentials not updating from System Setting > Edit User.
  • Fixed an issue with Fax Number field and Send Button not appearing.
  • Extended the autosave interval — it was previously autosaving too quickly.
  • Video swapping issue fixed so that users may switch their own view with the presented (share) file when a call is initiated via Directory/Messages.
  • Additional video call menu is fixed for resolutions below 1280px and mobile displays.
  • Addressed the "pin" icon from hovering in the main view — it now appears only in the preview window.
  • Resolved a bug on the UI where far-end camera controls overlapped the bottom toolbar in mobile view.
  • Issue with double error notification is fixed. Only one error notification appears.
  • Issue with placeholder (Enterprise - ePrescribe Settings) is resolved.
  • Incongruous styles addressed for C250/C500 Waiting Room and Incoming Call pages.
  • Fixed UI issue on TV-Kit with buttons alignments on the "How would you like to connect" page.
  • Resolved issue with the manual activation fields on the TV Kit where the fields become difficult to select and populate.
  • Resolved a bug where Clinical Module buttons that begin with lowercase letters appear after buttons that begin with uppercase letters on the dashboard for C250 and C500 Carepoints. The Clinical Module buttons now appear in alphabetical order, regardless of the case of the first letter.
  • Resolved a C250/C500 bug pertaining to double scrolling in Advanced settings.
  • Fixed UI issues with preview alignments and elements overlapping during NIHSS presentation.
  • Fixed UI issues with buttons distance, overlapping, alignments, and hover states for C250/C500.
  • Resolved UI bug with step indicator for Peripheral Help.
  • Fixed issue with chat "display name" incorrectly displayed.
  • Resolved Permission setting screen showing incorrectly labeled "Access report for Quick Connect rule" — it is correctly labeled "Access Quick Connect".
  • Updated incorrect images represented for C250 and C760 carts in Enterprise/Fleet Monitoring.

  • Issue with saving data in Mapping tab (Enterprise) is fixed.
  • Issue with MFA item in password tab (Enterprise) is fixed.
  • WORKAROUND provided to mitigate an Apple iOS 15.1 WebKit bug that may cause video calls (WebRTC) to fail on iOS devices. Until this Amwell Hospital release is made available, please inform your end users to hold off from installing the latest Apple iOS 15.1 update or use the AW Touchpoint app.



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