Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (1/25/2022)

Deployment date:  Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Deployment window:  9PM – 12AM ET



  • Reporting: Adding "Wi-Fi Locked Band" to the Fleet Metrics Extract's Device Information tab
  • Reporting: New filter for Test Users (replaces Test Case)
  • IE11 Electron App: Enable Screen Share
  • Bug fixes 

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Reporting: Adding "Wi-Fi Locked Band" to the Fleet Metrics Extract's Device Information tab

A "Wi-Fi Locked Band" field has been added to the Device Information tab in the Fleet Metrics Extract report. The new column displays the Wi-Fi frequency band setting for each endpoint, allowing admins to validate this value without manually inspecting each Carepoint device: Amwell C250, C500, TV Kit 100.


Reporting: New filter for Test Users (replaces Test Case)

There is a new reporting filter in the Registered Users Detail Extract and Message Utilization Extract.

This will filter out test users from the Registered Users Detail Extract or Messaging Utilization Extract reports.

There are three new options:

  • Hide Test Users - This will hide test user records from the report
  • Only Test Users - This will show only test user records from the report.
  • All Users - Reports will display both test user and non-test user records in the report

Administrators can create test users by selecting the "Test User" checkbox within the Clinical portal System Settings or Enterprise portal profile page.


IE11 Electron App: Enable Screen Share

Internet Explorer 11 users will now have the same screen sharing capability that other browsers have.

NOTE: Users will not have to download this app again.





We have addressed a number of bugs, including but not limited to:

  • Fixed incorrect date presentation with CCD Download 
  • Fixed an issue occurring on Carepoint during case cancellation
  • UI adjustments and fixes:
      • Facilities dropdown selection now correctly listed in alphabetical order 
      • Amended the alignment inconsistencies for selection options 
      • Fixed broken date and time selection tool 
      • Resolved selection menus closing immediately when attempting to fill form 
      • Incorrect menu scaling (double scrollbars) when browser zoom is less than 100% 
      • Added spacing between the form text and radio button 
      • Resolved an issue, on smaller screens, for when all possible timers are shown on a case, some UI elements are overlapped. 
      • Fixed an issue with the page counter being overlapped by control buttons while presenting files. 


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