Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (2/9/2022)

Deployment Date:  Wednesday, February 9, 2022
Deployment Window:  9PM – 12AM ET



  • Touchpoint Tablet: Display Fleet status while in background
  • Touchpoint API: Parity with the Clinical web portal
  • Continued site design infrastructure improvements
  • Bug fixes 

NOTE: You can view the Amwell Hospital Web, Mobile, & Device Updates page for a list of updates made across the Hospital platform (including known issues, bugfixes, hotfixes, etc.).
 You can also get a glimpse of notable new features and updates that are Coming Soon in the upcoming weeks and months. Both of these pages will require a one-time registration and login if you have not already registered for this site.



Touchpoint Tablet: Display Fleet status while in background 

We have developed integration with Fleet monitoring to be able to see Touchpoint Tablet status even while the app is running in the background.

When the Touchpoint Tablet app is placed in the device's background it will continue to display its online availability and details to Fleet:

  • Battery %
  • Call Status
  • AC or Battery in use
  • Device Information
  • Device Type
  • App Verison
  • Name
  • SW Version
  • Model Name


Touchpoint API: Parity with the Clinical web portal

  • Users will now have the ability to edit the Callback Device within a case in the AW Touchpoint app.
    • When a user clicks on the pencil icon, a popup appears where the user can search and select any device listed.

    • Selecting the device adds it to the case as a callback device.

  • We have added the ability to mark connect calls as test with the flag option in the Connect Room.
  • The Device Name will be shown when in a call.


Continued site design infrastructure improvements 

There is a fresh update to the default Reports pages. When navigating to the Reports page users will immediately see the reports available and can easily select the appropriate report to be generated. Additionally there are slight visual changes to help users navigate the site more efficiently.

  • Page heading will show which Report the user has selected
  • The user can see which reports are available
  • A report can be chosen with one click
  • Detailed breadcrumbs to understand where you are in site navigation
  • Refreshed pagination





We have addressed a number of bugs, including but not limited to:

  • Intake Form preview on My Cases page show confusing formatting for some customers 
  • Clinical portal: Case assigned to any provider having no First name, Last name and display name is appearing Null Null in collaboration panel instead of Email. 
  • Provider On-Call Calendar: Provider is not able to select day Monday while creating shifts on some screen resolutions
  • OnCall Schedule/Edit Shift: When a shift is edited and saved without any change, it gives double errors 


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