Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (3/29/2022)

Deployment Date:  Tuesday, March 29, 2022
Deployment Window:  9PM – 12AM ET



  • Fleet: Carepoint Notes 
  • Reports/Fleet Metrics Extract: Added "Notes" column to Device Information Tab 
  • Enterprise Admin: Added a checkbox to toggle banner enablement on the Clinical portal Support page
  • Bug fixes 

NOTE: You can view the Amwell Hospital Web, Mobile, & Device Updates page for a list of updates made across the Hospital platform (including known issues, bugfixes, hotfixes, etc.).
 You can also get a glimpse of notable new features and updates that are Coming Soon in the upcoming weeks and months. Both of these pages will require a one-time registration and login if you have not already registered for this site.



Fleet: Carepoint Notes 

Fleet Enterprise users can now add contextual details about changes made to a Carepoint device in a new, optional, multi-line "Notes" field within the device General tab.

NOTE: These notes will be included in the Fleet Metrics Extract report.


Reports/Fleet Metrics Extract: Added "Notes" column to Device Information Tab

The Fleet Metrics Extract report will now include Carpoint Notes information to reconcile device information while reading reports. We have added a new Device Notes field to the Enterprise endpoint information General tab. This Notes field will be used to store general information about the Carepoint in a free-text format.


Enterprise Admin: Added a checkbox to toggle banner enablement on the Clinical portal Support page 

Enterprise admins have the ability to configure a promotional panel for clinical users with instructions on how to get and access the Touchpoint app as a credentialed user. A visual banner will be shown indicating what is the PIN that the user needs to login to Touchpoint app.

NOTE: This feature is set up from the Amwell Hospital Enterprise Portal. Please speak to your Amwell account manager for further details about this feature.

This checkbox, available in the Enterprise Admin site/Sites and Portals/Clinical Portals/Clinical Portal Name/Support tab, enables/disables Touchpoint-related banners on the Support Page on the Clinical Portal.



We have addressed a number of bugs, including but not limited to:

  • UI fix for schedule blocks moving behind other layers when dragging.
  • Resolved 'Verify and Complete' section not appearing when a case is created without patient.
  • Addressed internal server error on Support tab of Clinical Portal.
  • Resolved UI issues on the "Assigned to" and "Care Team" fields on My Cases page.
  • Fixed issue of renamed Messages conversation not persisting for the chat conversation.
  • Addressed issues with viewing and saving Medical Record Form on Case Details.
  • Fixed the Survey content fields not updating if the option “enable external survey for this site only" is unchecked in Enterprise.


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