Release Notes: Amwell Hospital (7/20/2022)

Deployment Date:  Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Deployment Window:  9PM – 12AM ET



  • Ability to designate "Maintenance" Status for Carepoint devices 

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Ability to designate "Maintenance" status for Carepoint devices 

We are introducing a new "Maintenance" mode status update for Amwell Carepoints. With this configuration Fleet administrators will be able to place a Carepoint status into a fixed "Maintenance" mode indicating that the Carepoint is unavailable* and is requiring some attention and resolution.

When the Carepoint status has been set to "Maintenance", the device will be shown as offline with an orange "Maintenance" label next to the device name in each of the places one might select a callback device within the Hospital platform: Cases, All Cases, Create Case, Invite Participants, and Quick Connect.





The Maintenance mode can be activated in the Configuration tab for the specific Carepoint the Fleet administrator intends to place into Maintenance mode:


The Carepoints placed in "maintenance" mode can be filtered on the main screen by selecting the "Maintenance" filter in the Carepoint list screen.

* NOTE: A device placed in maintenance mode may still be reachable in the event a user decides to call that device. However, the "maintenance" designation is intended to discourage users from selecting that device.



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